What is the Cuban Revolution?

The present Cuba is indeed a result of the 1953-1959 Cuba Revolution. The revolution set the pace of several events in the Latin American country and ushered in communism and the dominance of left-ruled system. Just like every revolution, Cuban revolution aimed at relieving the people from their misery and agony but the revolutionaries ended up exerting authoritative rule on the people. The revolution also had some remarkable effect on Cuba, especially in its economic relationship with the United States.

The capitalist state of Cuba, during the president Fulgencio Batista second tenure, disfavored Cubans but rather favored United States companies. U.S. companies were given so much leverage to operate and do business in the Latin American nation to the detriment of Cubans. Besides Batista’s authoritative rule and dictatorship were felt even to the fringes of the state. The revolutionaries, including Castro and his crew, who had adopted Marxist theories, leveraged several means to oust Batista from the office.

As a young lawyer, Castro sought to use legal means to oust the dictator from office but his attempts failed. With the failed attempt, Castro and his brother recruited rebel followers, initially about 1500 men who had similar views were recruited. They campaigned against the government and used military interventions in attempting to overthrow Batista. The first revolution which held in July 26, 1953 was a total failure. Some of the men were captured and killed, some were imprisoned. Fidel Castro and his brother Raul were captured and even though Fidel did not show any remorse or apologies, he was sentenced to prison.

However, the Batista government had to free the Castro brothers and other prisoners due to a broad political pressure in 1955. This allowed Fidel, Raul and some other rebels to plan for another attack against the government. Che Guevara joined the team, strengthening the movement. The movement garnered momentum and launched the guerrilla warfare against the Batista-led government. Although the success did not come cheap, however, in January 1, 1959, Fidel Castro and his team successfully overthrew the government and Fidel became the president of Cuban under a communist governmental system.