Is left-wing (liberal) better overall than right-wing (conservative)?

One of the most simmering arguments between liberals and conservatives is which of the two political ideologies is better than the other. It would be important to emphasize that both political ideologies have their respective benefits and ills. Most debates on the two ideologies end up in a 50-50 poll showing that none is really better than the other. The argument on which is better than the other is clearly subjective but a careful analysis of the two systems would uncover the immense relevance of the liberal movement in a democratic society.

Racial and Religious Influence

If we take the stance of democracy, we will consider liberalism better than conservatism. Leftists believe in striving and fighting for the right of the common people. The political ideology encourages creating a country where everyone is equal. However, rightists pride on the superiority of their races, culture and sex. The conservatives maintain a religious stance and would rather that the masses follow their religious views. Conservatives decisions are influenced by religion, race, among many other things, and thus they have a truncated judgment of most things. On the other hand, liberalism base its judgment and decision on what the masses want and therefore is more suitable in a democratic society.

Adaptation to Change

Change is constant in a dynamic and growing society but sadly the conservatives fail to acknowledge the relevance and importance of change. The conservatives hold a firm stance and would rather not deviate from their stance but interestingly, most renowned conservatives compromise this principle. Of course, the ideology of stability is important in some situations but it draws a dynamic society backwards most times. Conservatism would rather prefer that slave trade would not be abolished. It would rather hold on to the doctrine of Blacks and women inferiority as it does to the discrimination of gays and bisexuals.

However, liberalism is indeed an agent of progress and change in the society and several progresses have been made in democratic societies due to the unflinching power of liberalism.

Thus, in a democratic society, liberalism is a better option than conservatism irrespective of the fact that liberalism has its own ills.