Fidel Castro vs. Che Guevara

Fidel Castro and Che Guevara are two phenomenal colossi in the left-wing political ideology. The both lives have continued to influence countless others and show represented a profound example of a typical socialist and leftist. Guevara was born in 1928, just two years after Castro. He is a very passionate, highly motivated and positive minded person. Guevara studied medicine but due to the influence of some leftists around him, most especially Castro, he decided to dedicate his life to wage war against the governments inflicting misery on the masses and bring about revolution.

Guevara was born in Argentina but his trip to Latin America, especially Cuba changed his view about life forever. He not only helped enforce the revolution in Cuba, especially the guerrilla warfare against the erstwhile Cuba president Fulgencio Batista, but he dedicated this life to usher in revolution in other South American countries as well as African countries. Guevara died in La Higuera in 1967 when hunted down by Bolivian army officers due to the insurgency he led in the country.

Both Castro and Guevara influenced each other’s life. Castro was a very talented person and since childhood, he had undertaken revolution and socialism as a way of life. As a young adult, Castro helped in organizing and executing several coups. A good example is the coup to overthrow the dictator, Rafael Trujillo. An important similarity between the duos is their determination in achieving their targeted goals. Castro’s determination and skills coupled with the expertise of his allies helped him in organizing the successful guerrilla warfare against Fulgencio Batista.

While Castro was the president of Cuba, Guevara was his right hand man and handled several positions under Castro. Castro instituted revolution in other Latin American countries, but unlike Guevara, he was not hunted down. He relied mainly on his strong allies, especially the Soviet Union and the demise of the Soviet Union dealt a great blow on him. Fidel Castro could not continue performing his presidential duties till his death in November 2016; he had to hand over his executive seat to his brother Raul Castro due to ill health.