Communist Theories and Principles

Communism is practiced in several countries of the world, but just like practical Capitalism, none of these countries have attained the standards stipulated in theory. Although communism had been in existence even before Karl Marx principles, the principles set the pace for the communism practiced in most countries today.

Marx’s ideology is simple; it stresses on an in toto state-dominated means of production, transportation, and system and equal distribution of wealth. Marx died even before an iota of his theory was put to practice but at the present, the theories have been adopted by several communist nations across the globe. A lot of revolutions, including the Cuban Revolution, drew their strength from the Marx principles of communism. The principles provided a roadmap for communist revolutionaries to achieve their targeted goals.

Marx believed that a utopian system must be such that has no class or state. Everyone in the society must be of the same class, there would exist no such thing as Bourgeois or Proletariat. It should be realized that the existence and persistence of these classes had its root in the 18th century industrial revolution. The industrial revolution placed wealth in the hands of few capitalists and investors, leaving the masses with no leverage. Thus to bring about such classlessness stipulated by communism, the state must take over the means of production and industries.

According to Marx, state ownership of the means of production must be achieved under a dictatorial and communist system. The dictator should control not only the means of production but also the transportation, health, labor, and so forth. He also would influence the people’s religion, education, and marriage. Marx advocated destruction of capitalists and those who oppose communism in order to institute absolute communism and a utopian system. Utopia would have been achieved when the masses share wealth among themselves but each member of the society would be taxed with high and progressive income tax.

Communism has its flaws. It encourages a dictatorial rule, and of course dictatorship is a major characterization of communist rule in any state where it is found. Placing untold power on the state may not be very desirable as it will give way to draconian rulership and restriction of freedom.